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magnifiying glassTransition Advice

This solution is for Financial Advisors who want to transition into the RIA, Independent Broker Dealer or Hybrid verticals.  Typical projects range from 3 - 12 months.

  • Step 1 – Evaluation of Advisors current business model and mapping that model to the marketplace.  High-level screening in tandem with you, the advisor to confirm business and cultural fit for short and long term business objectives.
  • Step 2 – Firm introductions, information screening and compatibility assessment.
  • Step 3 – Dashboard to compare firms side by side.
  • Step 4 – Contract review, negotiation and closing.  

*  Post-transition interview at 6 and 12 months to confirm suitability and to provide feedback to BD & RIA partner.

Outsourced Recruiting

This solution is delivered from our 2,000 sq ft facility in Florida.  We offer this service to firms who are interested in recruiting advisors or acquiring advisors and other financial services firms.  Our current clients range from $250M Hybrid RIA's to $40B RIA's.  Typical engagement range from 6 - 12 months.  Ideal clients for this service are:  

  • Custody Platforms
  • RIA's
  • Hybrid RIA's
  • OSJ's
  • Independent Broker Dealers 

Succession Planning

You may have already heard somewhere along the way; “business valuation is part art, part science”. The reality is that a credible and insightful analysis is the result of a careful review of your practice and its inherent facts.  In its simplest form, the value of an investment equals the present value of expected future returns from the investment. At Finetooth Consulting, our valuation methodology does not rely on the typical “rule of thumb” approach to determining the value of your practice, e.g. a simple formula such as a multiple of gross revenue / trails, or a percentage of assets under management.  We employ rigorous and well thought out valuations which take into account all relevant aspects of asset, market and income based approaches.  

The decision to sell a practice is one of the hardest decisions an advisor can make as it’s a truly life changing event.  Once the decision is made, it takes considerable effort in determining a value, identifying prospective buyers, negotiating price and terms, structuring the transaction and managing the various parties and activities of the due diligence and closing.  The process can be particularly overwhelming from both an emotional and a time & resource standpoint as no two transactions are unique.  Our team has been managing the sale process for over fifteen years, providing a complete solution from valuation to closing.  We handle transactions in a confidential and professional manner and work to ensure that you achieve the outcomes you’ve established for selling your practice.